About "D-Rockets"

D-Rockets was launched from Tokyo on October 7th, 2008, with its sights set on the world!

Director, CG Director, Visual Composite Director, Designer, Sound Director, Web Director, etc. - A creative unit comprised of D-specialists armed with a variety of experiences making a wide-range of cinematic content (commercials, movies, promotional videos, web content, game cinematics, etc)-this is D-Rockets.

Because the members of our staff are able to combine their various strengths throughout the entire process of content planning to direction and execution, we can create high-quality and constantly evolving movies and graphic expressions to mesmerize the viewer-the end result is movie magic. This is what we strive for at D-Rockets. This is our creative concept.

The actual CG creation and visual composites, etc., are handled not at our head office in Southern Aoyama but at the Digital Factory where we have access to the latest equipment and technology. Currently, our rockets are blasting off creating content for television commercials, promotional videos, high-end game cinematics, and the like.

At this rate, the magic-making D-Rockets will continue to have its sights set on the world for years to come.

Movie Magic Factory D-Rockets

Executive Director : Ryuzi Kitaura